Approximately thirty years ago Dr. Keith Brown had a vision of a ministry that would be multi-faceted and reach beyond the normal efforts of the established church.  He recognized that there were people who were on the “fringe” and were not being ministered to despite reasonable efforts by some.  This broke his heart because he has always believed that all people were created in the image of God, loved by Him, and deserved to hear about and experience the hope of Jesus.

Keith went on with his life and ministry, serving in many traditional roles but never forgetting the vision that he believed God placed within him.

This desire and vision was made even more real because of some personal issues in his own life, especially the pain of divorce and the “outcast” status it brought.  As an ordained minister/pastor, being divorced made him worthless in the thinking of many “Christians.”

Dr. Brown shared his dream with Candace Brown (then Childers) and the two quickly discovered that they shared the same vision and desire to reach people with love and grace.  After many hours of talk, prayer, and questioning…the two decided to proceed with the creation of a ministry.

The result of a combined vision…and 30 years of dreaming…is…



What we believe…