Approximately thirty years ago Dr. Keith Brown had a vision of a ministry that would be multi-faceted and reach beyond the normal efforts of the established church.  He recognized that there were people who were on the “fringe” and were not being ministered to despite reasonable efforts by some.  This broke his heart because he has always believed that all people were created in the image of God, loved by Him, and deserved to hear about and experience the hope of Jesus.

Keith went on with his life and ministry, serving in many traditional roles but never forgetting the vision that he believed God placed within him.

This desire and vision was made even more real because of some personal issues in his own life, especially the pain of divorce and the “outcast” status it brought.  As an ordained minister/pastor, being divorced made him worthless in the thinking of many “Christians.”

Dr. Brown shared his dream with Candace Brown (then Childers) and the two quickly discovered that they shared the same vision and desire to reach people with love and grace.  After many hours of talk, prayer, and questioning…the two decided to proceed with the creation of a ministry.

The result of a combined vision…and 30 years of dreaming…is…


Advisory Team

J. Keith Brown, D Min, M Div, BS, CH
Co-founder, President and Director of Operations

Keith is a minister with over 25 years of experience in the field.  In addition to his previous work as a pastor, he served in Christian education for over a decade as a teacher, head of school, and operations and business manager.  He also has a business and finance background, once serving as founder and president of a mortgage corporation.  Keith utilizes his combination of business and ministry experience to direct and drive this ministry in its efforts to reach people and share the true loving grace of Christ.  In addition to his work as director, Keith is also very active in the ministry itself, often utilizing his unique gift as a professional comedy illusionist with over 20 years of experience performing around the United States. Having experienced the pain of divorce, and often being shunned as an outcast for it, Keith has a heart for those who feel they “don’t belong.”  Knowing his calling is real, he created this ministry to reach out in non-judgmental love and grace.  Grace Team Ministries is the result of a 30 year dream.

Keith’s M. Div. is from Gordon-Conwell, a highly recognized and respected seminary first started in Mass. by the late Dr. Billy Graham.  His studies included full Biblical exegesis work in the original Hebrew and Greek, thus he takes Biblical study and teaching very seriously. 

As director, Keith will be the only paid employee of the ministry for a while.  We hope and pray that his position will become full-time soon.  Please join us in that prayer. 

Candace Brown, MA in Clinical Psychology
Co-founder, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer (Interim)

Candace is blessed to be a mother of two young adults who will always be her proudest achievement in life.  She has 25 years of experience working in mental health and early intervention services through state and private agencies.  Her specialty is in helping children and families that have developmental or emotional needs.  Candace knows that we all struggle at times and may feel alone, unworthy or scared.  She has a heart for the Lord and feels called to remind people of God’s unconditional love and mercy.  Her biggest desire is to reach out to people around the world who are suffering physically and emotionally and bring them hope through the healing power of Christ.

Christina Childers
Christina is a senior at Greensboro College where she is majoring in Health Science and plays on the basketball team.  She plans to get her Masters in Athletic Training.  She loves reaching out to children and spreading the love of Christ through magic and laughter.  Christina will also serve on the “Magic Smile” team and hopes to lead free basketball camps for our ministry in the future.

Nancy Long
Nancy is a mother of two and “Nan Nan” to 10 grandchildren.  She was a career chemistry educator.  After 20 years into “retirement,” she continues to be filled with gratitude in learning about the accomplishments of her former students and their contributions to society.  In addition to following the interests of her children and grandchildren, Nancy enjoys music, gardening, sports, and service in church life, where she is music director and missions coordinator.  Serving at the soup kitchen as a youth, she felt a unique concern for the underprivileged.  Her years in church camp fostered a special love for missions. She senses a continual calling to hep those whose lives have been troubled by circumstances, and with the Lord’s leading, help others experience the greatness and unconditional love of our Lord.

Jerry Gene Jenkins
Jerry is a husband, father, grandfather, and a full-time employee who still finds a way to donate his time and energy to this ministry.  He is an valuable team member, serving on both our illusion team and our Agape Team.  As a member of the illusion team, Jerry often works as our stage hand, making sure our set-ups are perfect and our equipment is ready to go.  He will also often be behind a camera making sure we document some of our appearance opportunities.  As a member of the Agape team, Jerry has been instrumental in the glove collection efforts and has a desire to help us get these into the hands of those who most need them. Perhaps his most valuable gift to this ministry is his sense of humor.  Jerry Gene is a gifted comedian in his own right and he certainly keeps us laughing.

What we believe…