Christian Life Coaching

Are you struggling in life and faith and could use some help?

Keith has spent over 30 years pastoral counseling, coaching, and mentoring hundreds and hundreds of wonderful folks. He has dealt with a wide array of subject matters including divorce, relationship conflict, faith issues, sexual identity trauma, and a whole lot more. His sessions are professional, spiritual, and confidential.

Please do note that these sessions are not considered sacramental confession and are not covered as such under the law. Having said that, professional ethics are in place.

Why coaching?

Although counseling with a therapist is certainly a wonderful thing and sometimes needed, there are also those times when coaching is more applicable. This is often the case when someone wants to take immediate action to move beyond their issues. Coaching is helpful in these cases. What’s more, Keith always brings faith into his work.

Since Keith is not “technically” pastoring a church, he uses the “Coaching” label rather than pastoral Counseling.

Fr Keith is here to help.

The Specifics:

  • 60 minute Zoom Session(s) (No minimum Sessions required.)
  • Coaching only available to those 21+ in age.
  • You share the need and Keith will guide the session.
  • A signed Coaching Contract will be required for ALL coaching clients. (You will download the contract, complete, and either mail in or take photographs of all pages and send those.)
  • Ministry Donation requested.(We trust that you will donate as much as possible to help cover the actual time with you and extra generous donations help us fund those less fortunate financially.)

Contact us today to discuss your coaching.

Download Coaching Contract: