Comedy Illusion Team

Grace Team Ministries is proud to use COMEDY and ILLUSIONS to share the true love and grace of Christ through EVANGELISTIC performances done in and out of local churches.    
We love to work with local churches or other non-profit ministries to impact the world for Christ.  These performances/crusades are available anywhere in the USA and internationally through our foreign mission program.


“My grandchildren and I love his magic shows that he works in God’s word into his programs.  He is a God fearing man!” Juanita S.


In addition to his work as president and director of operations for the ministry, Keith Brown is a professional comedy illusionist and teacher to our fellow team members.

Keith has over 20 years experience performing in Christian and secular venues around the country!

Sharing the love and grace of Jesus without judgement is our calling and our passion!

Grace Team Ministries knows how to blend professional entertainment with the loving presentation of Jesus and make it a truly special event for your church or group.  From evangelistic outreach events to VBS kickoffs, Keith and his team have done them all.  No matter the audience or occasion within your church or organization, they have a program that will delight everyone.  Keith’s Gospel presentation, an illusion done to music at the end of our normal show, has often brought people to their feet, tears to the eyes, and knees to the alter.  You won’t believe the power in this one.

We use these shows to share other lessons and insights too.  Talk to us about your YOUR group and need.


The Shows:

Back Pew Show: It’ll make you want to move up front!

This program is approximately 45 minutes and is designed for the entire church or adult only audiences.  We purposefully place kids “tricks” in when it is a mixed group.  This family-friendly show is full of volunteer participation, comedy, and of course…a clear Gospel presentation.  You won’t believe the fun, amazement, and power in this show.  Your group will leave talking about how much fun they had.  This is also a fantastic outreach opportunity for any church to reach their community for Christ.  Some will sit in the back but will often move to the front before this one is over!

Adventure: A high energy show just for kids!

This show takes kids on an interactive, fun and meaningful adventure with high energy comedy and illusions designed just for them.  The illusions are still amazing but move quicker and are easier for the children to follow and understand.  This show is approximately 30 minutes and we can either end with a milder presentation of our Gospel illusion or we can end with any purposeful message desired by your group or church.  In other words, we can work within your needs, focus, or theme.  Bottom line: it’s clean, fun, kid friendly entertainment with a Christian Message.

Freedom: A Close-Up Trip with Godly Truth just for adults!

This is the most popular show for those adults desiring to see comedy and sleight-of-hand illusions by a proven professional. Keith does these.  He is seated and/or standing in an intimate setting performing a series of illusions with members of the audience as his assistants. The audience is seated in chairs nearby and all watch together as he and his helpers entertain and delight the group. This is close-up at its best…all with a Grace Team Ministries message and plenty of laughs.  These shows are perfect for staff retreats, Sunday School classes, senior groups, or any other smaller gathering within the church.


Mini-Magic Camp: A fun learning experience for kids 6+!

Our illusion team offers exciting mini-magic camps for kids within churches or any other groups where a minimum of 10 participants can be gathered.  In this two-hour program, the children will receive the materials and instruction to do their own presentations of tricks for friends and families.  What’s more, they will be equipped with two presentations that can impact others.  One is an anti-bullying trick and presentation and the second is a clear presentation of the gospel using a “magic trick.”  Your kids will have a blast, learn skills that will empower them, and learn presentations they can use forever to impact lives with grace and truth.

Our goal is to always have at least 2 of our team there for each camp including our ministry president and “Magic” instructor, Keith Brown.  We do ask for at least one adult group representative attend to help with any issues.  


Appearances made through the ministry are donation appearances to help us continue our work.

Any checks are to be made out directly to the ministry.