Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

Are you grieving the loss of someone you deeply loved?

If so, this course was created for you.

Please don’t brush your pain under the carpet. Ignoring it won’t make it better.

9 Video Lessons

In this self-paced course, you will be invited to watch 9 teaching videos that have been created just for you. The information that you will hear is based on formal education, personal research, peer-discussion, 30+ years of ministry experience, and of course…personal experience with grief.

Each of these videos are conversation in nature. Keith wants you to feel as though you and he are sitting around a coffee shop table and just chatting about these key aspects of healing.

You’re gonna get…

  • Theological encouragement
  • Neuro-Science development tools
  • Practical Suggestions and Tools
  • Ministerial Blessing

This course has been lifted in prayer our team, asking God to use it to bless and encourage you.


This course is meant to be taken in your way. Since we don’t drip the content, you have access to it all on Day 1. You may choose to watch all of the videos in one day or you may choose to watch one per day for nine days. There is no right way to take the course other than the way that works for you.

And this is cool…

When you get your copy of this course, you are going to get life of course access. Why does that matter? It matters because you will then be able to repeat lessons at any time, print materials as often as you want and you will get free access to any updates or additions to the course. We know…that’s a lot of blessings rolled into this course.

Experience Teacher…

Your teacher/guide for this course will be the Reverend Fr. Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, MDIV, BS, president of the Grace Team Ministry, Inc. Keith’s heart is to help and he has poured hours of time and effort into bringing you a course that will bless you. Professionally, Keith has taught courses ranging from 7th grade level up through graduate school.

Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, MDIV, BS

Something else you really need to know…


Grace Team Ministries, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit ministry. As such, our heart and mission is to minister to folks in the name of Jesus. So…we want you to enjoy any of our digital courses with no required payment.

We simply ask that if you got something from the course, you simply pray about making a donation of any amount to the ministry. There are many links on the site to do that.

Are you ready to start the journey? If so…

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