How to Interpret Text within Context

Do you want to take study of the Bible seriously?

If so…then this is the program for you and your group.

Your teacher is Dr. Keith Brown (Keith) who is an educated Theologian and Apologist. Keith has sadly noticed what he believes to be poor interpretations of Bible text. Most of the time, he knows it is unintentional, but it is important to try and help folks do better. That is why we offer this practical and informative workshop where attendees will learn what he call the Tornado Method of interpretation.

In proper Theological terms, this is called exegesis.

While trained Theologians and Biblical Scholars will most often do this work in the original languages, our ministry knows most church members don’t have this knowledge. Even so, they can still use some of the important techniques to understand and apply Biblical text within it’s context.

The Tornado Method

This is a simple name Keith gave to this teaching because it actually works almost like a tornado (but obviously not in a destructive way). He shares how students should begin with the bigger picture, or broader context (macro), and then work its way down to the more detailed of information (micro). It is the most narrow of point where things happen. The same is true for this method of study. Each level, as it narrows, fuels the power and understanding that occurs. It may sound hard, and it can be if you want to dive into its deepest levels, but Keith has taught this method to high school students in Christian Schools and it has been not only grasped, it has been applied and appreciated.

We think you and your group will find it to be as well.

The key to interpreting text is to do it with an eye toward its original audience. Once, and only after we have done that, we can then begin to draw lessons and application for ourselves. Again, it is at that most micro place where real “stuff” happens and lives are truly changed. It is at this place where God’s Word impacts not only us, but the world.

Some of the areas Keith cover are:

  • Canonical Placement
  • Author Significance
  • Audience Significance
  • Cultural Significance
  • Book Placement
  • Tense
  • Word selection
  • Scriptural Evidences/Support
  • Contextual Interpretations
  • Universal Application
  • Practical Application

Again, this process may, at its first glance, seem like a too difficult and time-consuming one. Difficult-not really. Time-Consuming…perhaps.

But, if one believes and places one’s life and destiny in the teaching of this book…

Isn’t the time and effort worth it?

  • Keith usually asks for a two-hour session with one break. (This gives plenty of time for the teaching, practical practice, and Q&A.)
  • We will corporately apply the techniques to the book of Philemon.
  • The class works best in a classroom setting where a whiteboard is available.

Is this something you group would enjoy and get excited about?

We believe they would.

So reach out at 704-616-5400 and talk to Keith directly about bringing this teaching to your group.