Impact Kid’s Lessons [OLD]

Grace Team Ministries in a creative ministry and we believe that creativity can impact teaching. With that said, this intensive session is to provide kid’s pastors, or those who handle kid’s sermons, some unique and powerful tools to bring that little extra “excitement” to their work.

This is also a wonderful class for those churches with multiple kid’s classes. Your teachers will learn some creative ideas to share lessons with their kids and bring some real excitement to the program.

So what is this session?

This is a two-hour hands-on teaching where participants will learn 12 “magic” tricks and corresponding Bible lessons which they can then use throughout the year during children’s sermons or classes. We suggest that you use one of these every month. That will bring the little extra but not become routine, thus allowing it to remain “cool” and impacting.

What do you get?

  • All the materials to do these “tricks’ and presentations
  • 2 hours of hands-on teaching to make sure you learn them
  • Availability after the seminar to advise, review, or encourage if needed.

We ask for a minimum of 6 people per session.

Contact us today to see about how to bring this exciting teaching to your church or community of churches.