“Magic Smile ” Team

Children’s Ministry

No parent should have to deal with the hardship of a child with a chronic illness or even terminal disease.  But…sadly, many do.  Their days are filled with tears, tests, and treatments.  Seldom is there joy, laughter, and escape.  Then there are others who are raising developmentally challenged children that often require 24-hour a day care and some who will never be independent.

There are many hard days, many sad days, and many tears…

BUT–we want to change that!

Our team will bring a little fun and magic into the lives of these children and their families.  Our goal is to visit them just to brighten their days with a little close-up magic or the show when possible  There is no real agenda other than that.  Where allowed, we are always willing to share the love and grace of Christ or to support the family with a loving ear or caring prayer.  But…we always work within the rules of the hospital or organization that invites us in.   

We already have one group that invites us twice a month just to “hang out” with these kids and their families.  We are also invited to perform regularly at a Ronald McDonald house during the summer months.  What’s more, we have a cancer camp organization in NC that has invited us to perform during their summer camps and we are reaching out to other such camps in nearby states to offer the same.  

At a minimum…we will give these precious little ones at least a few minutes of quality entertainment, laughter, and amazement.  In other words…we will bring a little happiness into their lives and thus– “Magic Smile.”

Senior Care Ministry

There are countless senior adults who spend endless days in senior care facilities without family or friend visits.  Although there are internal activities and friends on site, they lack connection with outside folks.  We can’t possibly reach all of these folks…but we want to minister to as many as we can.  We welcome the opportunity to visit care facilities and bring a little joy through our illusions.  Most importantly, we want them to know that we care…and God loves them.

We are always looking for team members for this important work.  If you have a heart for this type of ministry, please contact us.  We would like to meet with you and teach you a few thing you can do to put a smile on their faces as you visit.

So how can you help with this exciting opportunity?

  • Give.  We need financial support!  You can give by hitting the “Donate” button on this site or can become a monthly team supporter by visiting the “DONATE PAGE”  and use the “subscribe” button.  Part of your giving will go toward the purchasing of a special magic trick we will give each child in the hospital.  That way they can have their very own ability to make some “magic.”
  • Pray.  Please pray that we will get into as many hospitals, group homes, or camps as possible and be able to minister to these precious children.
  • Volunteer.  We especially need those who will visit our precious senior in care facilities.  This is an invaluable ministry opportunity and we welcome team members.

Lead Coach: Candace Brown
Magic Teacher: Keith Brown