Impact Weekend [OLD]

Impact your community!
Impact your community…and grow HIS kingdom!

Is your church really serious about growing?

Has your congregation wrestled with the very real possibility of the church dying?

If so, you are not alone. Many churches across the country are facing the realization that their numbers are decreasing, their age demographic is rising, and their future is not bright.

Unfortunately, some choose to do NOTHING. And for those churches…their future is certain. Death.

But if you are reading this, you are in a church that has looked at this alarming trend and has decided not to be just a statistic. Your congregation has decided to do what is necessary to thrive…not just survive.

So, for you…we are here to help!

This is our most thorough program and is meant to jump-start the movement within those churches that are serious about growing and impacting their communities. We are here to help you with your plan and offer any advice or insight we can as a result of our extensive research and involvement with other churches.




  • Advance phone meetings with pastor to discuss the situation, the plan that the church has, what additional insight and help we can offer, and how we can help relay that to the congregation. The number and time length of these calls will vary.
  • Illusion show Marketing/Poster campaign begins immediately upon booking. This will help insure an influx of visitors.
  • Power Weekend Saturday morning Strategy Teaching (9:00-11:30). We will partner with the pastor to help facilitate discussion and teaching on the “game plan.”
  • Lunch with the pastor and up to 2 additional church leaders including music leader if possible (11:30-1:30). We will evaluate the meeting, tweak the plan if necessary, and help create a follow-up session for 2 weeks after the Power Weekend.
  • Creative Kid’s Ministry Session (2:00-4:00 pm). Keith and Candace will meet with children’s teachers to discuss some helpful tips for impacting kids ministry as well as teaching 12 “magic” tricks along with lessons that can be used monthly throughout the year to give that extra something to the program. We will supply all materials needed.
  • Saturday night( 7:00 pm)-Comedy Illusion show to draw community (There will be give-away drawing which allows the church to collect contact information. The church will need to supply information cards and bowl to collect and Grace Team Ministries will supply give-away.)
  • Sunday morning-Keith will deliver a sermon that will teach and inspire the congregation. There will also be an altar call of commitment at the end of the message challenging the congregation to buy into the plan and pray for the future.
  • Celebration covered dish luncheon (if possible)
  • Weekly “touch base” phone calls with the pastor to follow up on process and work for 4 weeks then monthly for 1 year. We are then available on an “as needed” basis. We will continue to have an investment in your church including adding your to the prayer campaign by our team supporters.

This is an intensive weekend but also an exciting one And although it will surely help the church, it isn’t the cure in itself. It is just a tool. The church will have to take the teaching, the plan, and the enthusiasm and do the hard work to put it into action. But we promise, if the church buys into the vision, the mission, and the commitment…they will see God move. They will also see their church grow.

This is a commitment for both the church and this ministry. Teamwork works!


We understand that the churches we will work with are generally small and have limited budgets. With that said, we know that the expense of these intensive weekends must be partially funded by outside groups and individuals; however, we do believe that the giving of money is a sign of faith and commitment. Therefore, we ask that our project churches do make a ministry donation as a sign of this commitment and faith. There will be NO minimum amount required.