Prayer Teams

Grace Team Ministries, Inc. believes in the power of prayer.  We also know that it is one of the most important ways we share love and grace to others.  That is why we have a PRAYER TEAM.

The PRAYER TEAM receives periodic emails with specifics needs.  These include God’s guidance for the ministries’ leaders as well as concerns or needs of the ministry itself.  In addition, we include the needs of people connected with this ministry that may include team members, supporters, or even strangers who share with us.

Bottom line…this ministry is under girded with prayer and the hope that God will bless it, its work, and touch the needs and concerns of those who ask.

Would you like to be on this ministry team?

If so…simply use the mail icon to send us you information and desire to do so.  We will add you to the official team and you will then receive periodic emails telling you what and who needs prayer.  As a prayer team member, you are required to keep any prayer needs confidential.  

What if you need prayer?

PLEASE…drop us an email and let us know.  We will include your request in our next team email.  We only use first names or can use anonymous if you wish (Simply state that in your email.).  Then…we will have our prayer team l lifting it up to God.

A Team that prays together…is blessed. 

Grace Team Ministries, Inc. does everything possible to keep YOUR prayer needs confidential but makes no guarantee except that officers only share first names with our team members and ask they keep all requests confidential.  We are careful in the selection process for official team members and believe these folks to have hearts for the Lord and a love for others.  

Official Team Members:

  • Vickie H.
  • Candace C.
  • Emmie J.
  • Pam H.
  • Keith B.
  • Tom and Doris W.