Resource Teams

Do you have the ability to talk to anyone?

Do you happen to have marketing skills that you would like to use for God?

Do you have a financial mind and a heart for God?

As you know it takes money to provide for ministry work.  Although Grace Team Ministries, Inc. is run with a serious eye to financial accountability and use, we still need the financial help of others to exist and impact our work for Christ.  With that said, we are always in need of folks who would like to serve on a resource team.

Is that you?

What are some specific ways these team members can help?

  • Share Grace Minutes in local churches.  These are guest talks of 5 min or less to simply highlight the ministry and offer to meet with folks after service to share more information and/or written materials.  Training and materials will be provided.
  • Place ministry marketing materials in agreeable places such as restaurants, stores, or companies.
  • Recruit family and friends to help with the ministry.
  • Help solicit direct donations to the ministry (money and direct resources)
  • Help find groups that will serve as collectors for Agape Team
  • Help find churches or groups that would like to host Comedy Illusion Team
  • Pray!

If you would like to serve on a resource team, please contact the ministry and let’s get you involved.