Keith, as a fully-ordained apostolic priest, is available to offer sacramental services including:

  • Eucharist
  • Marriage
  • Last Rites/Funeral
  • Confession (Keith is bound by the confessional when this is done in sacramental form.)

Fr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, M Div, BS

“I am a very imperfect man sharing the love and grace of a perfect God.” ~Keith

Religious Services, in addition to the above Sacraments include:

  • Eucharist Services
  • Morning Prayer
  • Evening Prayer

Other services include:

  • Blessing of the Bikes (motorcycles)
  • Blessings of Pets
  • Blessings of Homes

Please reach out to us if you would be interested in any of these.

Keith is a priest within this communion (Southeastern USA. District)