Church Growth-Why us? [OLD]

Grace Team Ministries started with a focus of going into churches and performing/speaking/teaching about God’s grace and practically sharing it through our hands-on ministries such as Agape Team and Magic Smile Team. We continue to do this, but…

During our work we began to discover how many churches had no kids, virtually no members under 70, and although many had fantastic facilities, many sat empty or underused. Many faithful pastors are frustrated because, although they want to grow their churches, they just don’t know how. That’s not a negative reflection on them for sometimes it truly is hard to “see the forest for the treas.” And whats more, most of them have neither the time nor freedom to research, interview, and seek resources in this work. So…they just stay frustrated…and often burned out.

Knowing this frustration first hand, and after talking to so many struggling churches, that’s when Keith felt the Holy Spirit speak to him…”You can help!” He immediately shared this vision with Candace and she felt the same peace that God was indeed directing us to be involved in this area of ministry.

Keith spent hours researching this very idea before starting this ministry but never got to use it in the church he left. Now we know why…

So, we are determined to help small struggling churches discover their identity, formulate a game plan, and impact their communities while growing their church and ultimately the kingdom of God with new believers.

We know that some churches will never adapt, change, or do anything new to reach their communities for Christ. And in doing nothing…they do something. They eventually die.

But we also know there are some failing churches that are determined to right the ship, sacrifice their preferences, and change whatever is necessary to impact their communities and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are serious about the Great Commandment. Love God and Love others. They are serious about being a light on a hill. They are serious about being a place of healing and restoration. They are serious about being a place of teaching and help.

They are serious about be Christ’s Church…..a VICTORIES and THRIVING church.

Let’s do it.

And let us help!!!

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