Grace Mission

Vision: Grace Mission is not a formal church yet; but rather, it is a purposeful mission under the greater ministry of Grace Team Ministries, Inc, (501-c-3) where a gathered group of all kinds worship, pray, receive communion, and are pastored/shepherded under the direct ministry of an apostolic priest/pastor. Our vision is that this mission will become an independent church at some point.

Mission: To offer a safe, open, and welcoming opportunity for all to come and celebrate Christ through worship, preaching, fellowship, and the reception of His sacraments and rites.

Grace Mission is Evangelical: We believe God’s Word, Old Testament and New, are sufficient for instruction and salvation. It will be preached and taught with love, compassion and grace. We realize that it has often historically been used to oppress and even attack but we believe it to be a love letter from our God to us. We choose to accept it, exegete it, and apply it with grace, reason, and love.

Grace Mission is Sacramental: We believe that salvation comes through Christ and our faith in Him; however, we also believe that God provided, and Christ ordained, Sacraments and Rites for us to receive and cherish as visual evidences of the mighty love and grace we receive through Christ and His church. This is especially evident in the Table and Baptism. The sacraments are open to all including the LGBTQ+ community.

Available to ALL

Grace Mission is Charismatic: We believe that the Holy Spirit resides within each believer and that He moves within and through us to show God and connect us through Christ. We believe that the “gifts,” although still existing, are distributed as God so chooses for the edification of His church, the blessings of other believers, and to give evidence to a lost world of God’s existence and glory. They are not to be flaunted or abused for self-glorification.

Grace Mission is Ecumenical: We believe in the one catholic (universal) church but realize over history that different interpretations, traditions, and understandings have divided us into smaller groups, denominations, communions, or independent churches. Even so, we believe it to be our mandate, and God’s delight, that we partner with other Christ-believing groups in shared ministry, worship, and evangelism as oft as we can, thus building the fellowship and unity of Christ’s church. Therefore, our mission is always open and willing to join other churches in worship and service with like mind regarding the salvation that is through Christ.

Current Locations and Times:

We are praying and working to begin soon. Stay tuned. IF you or your group would be interested in joining this mission movement, please reach out to us.