How to Interpret Scripture

  • Do you ever read the Bible and then scratch your head wondering about the meaning?
  • Do you ever worry that you might be coming to the wrong conclusions about the Scripture?
  • Do you get tired of depending on others to share the teachings of the Bible?
  • Do you want to take study of the Bible more seriously?
  • Do you want to grow in God and know that better Bible study is important to do that?

If so…this is the Course for you!!!

Just so you know, I am an educated Theologian and Apologist with years of formal education and personal practice in Hermeneutics (Study and Interpretation of the Bible) using the process of Biblical Exegesis so I know this material quite well and am excited to teach it to YOU.

I am saddened by the amount of poor interpretations I hear!

I also realize that most of these poor interpretations are unintentional; however, I wanted to do something to help change that.

That’s why I offer this practical and informative workshop course where you will learn how to PROPERLY interpret and then apply God’s Word.

Trained Theologians and Biblical Scholars like myself will do this work in the original languages; however, I realize that you most likely don’t have this ability…and that’s okay. You can still use the English Versions to work through the process.

Just imagine…You can become a trained interpreter of Scripture!!!

So…Keith…There is a method?

There is and you are going to learn it!

The Method

When I think about this method, I often envision a tornado because it actually works similar to a tornado. I know…sounds strange…but bear with me.

In this method, you will start with the bigger picture or broader context (macro) and then work it down to the more detailed of information (micro). It may sound hard, and it can be if you want to dive into its deepest level, but that isn’t necessary to get a good, correct interpretation.

Remember, even though a TORNADO has impact at every level, we most often see the biggest impact at its smallest point.

The same is true of Biblical Text!!!

Start Big and go Small.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • A Brief Explanation of “Textual Criticism” along with .pdf reference sheet (Establishing the Text)
  • The Differences between Translations
  • The 3 General Types of Interpretation
  • Canonical Placement (The 2/3 Parts of the Bible)
  • Author Significance
  • Audience Significance
  • Cultural Significance
  • Genre Significance
  • Grammatical Significance
  • Scriptural Evidences/Support
  • Contextual Interpretations
  • Universal Application
  • Practical Application

I know what you may be saying after reading that list…

“But, Keith, that sounds hard!”

Listen…I have taught this method to high school students in Christian Schools and it has not only been grasped, it has been applied and appreciated. SO, I know you can do it!

Again, this process may, at first glance, seem like a difficult and time-consuming one. Difficult-not really. Time-Consuming…a little. But I assure you that the more you practice the method, the quicker and easier it becomes.

You will become a much better student of God’s Word.

If one believes and places one’s life and destiny in the teaching of this book…

Isn’t the time and effort worth it?

*Please note that if you ONLY believe in the use of the King James Version, this course would not be a good fit for you. I love you but this isn’t right for you.

In this Course you will receive:

  • Individual, bite-sized video modules to move you through the background and method
  • A printable worksheet that you can use over and over again to practice the method
  • An invitation to a private Facebook Group where you can plug into other supportive believers (


The ability to “exegete” the Bible properly cost me thousands of dollars to learn. Now I want to give you a workable method for a small fraction of that!

Okay, Keith…I’m sold. But how much?

The cost for this valuable course is only$0!!! 



If you feel led to donate to the ministry as an act of appreciation, we would be grateful. Please know that it is not required.

Sound good?

I sure hope you are as excited by this as I am!

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