Keith Speaks

Grace Team Ministries’ President, Rev., Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, MDiv, BS, (Keith), has spoken to audiences large and small all over the country. From New Mexico to Alabama, he has faithfully shared Scriptural teaching with love, grace, humor, inclusion, and practical application.  His heart is one of restoration.  He truly wants to help people grow in their love of God and their acceptance of God’s love. 

Keith is knowledgeable of most major denominations and their theology and is always respectful of such.  He always operates within the tradition of that church and/or denomination when he is a guest.  Because of this, Keith has spoken in Baptist, Methodist, Assemblies, Non-Denominational, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Reformed, United Church of Christ, and probably some more churches he has forgotten.   


“Keith loves the Lord and preaches from the Bible…”

Juanita S.

Keith is available for one service or an entire week of services.  In addition, some groups have chosen to incorporate some of his comedy and illusions into his appearance either during the one service or actually asking him to do a separate show just for fun and amazement.  That’s just something else for you to consider.

Please remember…Keith’s education and speaking experience is ecumenical and thus he is well aware of particular beliefs among churches and denominations.  Remember, he is always sensitive to yours.

“Keith Brown has proven to be an excellent speaker, well-educated in the Bible , and knowledgeable of modern technology and social media.  As great as these qualities are, there is another quality that surpasses them and that is his abundant love for our Lord and strong belief in God’s plan of salvation.  This is the foundation for his ministry. His sermons are from the Word of God.  His Bible studies are quite challenging as he digs deep into the Scriptures.  Participants are encouraged to explore and make connections that are not always obvious at first glance.  He leads us to these connections with his knowledge of Biblical history, Greek meaning of words, and often a closer inspection of the wording.”

Anita D.

Are you interested in having a speaker/teacher that can reach your group no matter the age, the make-up, or place in life?  This one-of-a-kind speaker will reach them, engage them, and communicate life-changing help.

Preacher.  Teacher.

You pick!

“Keith is a Godly man and speaks from the heart.  He has a lot of ambition to spread the Word of God.”  

Ann B.

We’ll work with you to bring this Grace Team Member to YOU!