Bible Talks [OLD]

Our Teaching

One of the things we are called to do as Christians is study Scripture together.  We might not always agree on interpretation or application but we should still hold to its importance in our lives.  That’s why, even though Grace Team Ministries is not a “church,” we still want to provide our team members and supporters an opportunity to join us to do just that.  These studies are a relaxed, non-threatening time of learning, sharing, and discussing the Scriptures and its application to daily life.  We hope you will  join in and allow God to impact your life.

Bible Talks:

This is a exegetical teaching time where Keith shares from God’s Word the lessons and the applications for life.  Grab your Bible, a notebook, and perhaps a hot cup of coffee and watch these Biblical sermons.  We pray that God will bless you through them.

“Pastor Keith is a master teacher of the Scriptures.  He has the ability to make clear interpretation of Scriptures.”  Ann B.

We are always open to churches or groups who would like to take advantage of Keith’s strong, practical exegetical teaching.  If you have a group who would like to meet weekly at a given time and study a book of the Bible, please contact the ministry and let’s see if we can get it going.